I have decided to retire my old tumblr blog in favor of this new octopress blog. The reason for doing so is both that when it comes to a blog, I’d really like to own my own data, and that tumblr’s feature-set has bothered me in the past (with no way of improving it.)

With octopress all my posts are simple markdown documents managed in a git repository, that gets transformed into static content. That way, I both have the raw input for my blog, but also static output, which I can host anywhere else if I decide that I don’t like GitHub any more.

In addition, octopress is open source (and uses jekyll, an excellent static site generator), so if I need / desire to change anything, I can.

With this transition, my blog also needed a new domain. Peferably it would be one I owned, so I can easily move the blog to another host if it came to it, unlike what I could with my old tumblr blog.

I chose to use my tjer.no domain - and now the URL is jorgen.tjer.no!

Now I just need to actually keep posting to it on a semi-regular basis.