On Friday I spoke at Droidcon UK 2012, and it was my very first conference talk, titled The Butler Did It: Continuously building & enforcing app quality using Jenkins.

I did the talk together with Christopher Orr, and the topic was using Jenkins CI and Gerrit to improve app quality when building Android software. It also included a short rant about the Android NDK. I thought it went surprisingly well, especially considering I was fueled by only 5 hours of sleep!

The turn-out was great - every seat was occupied, and we got a lot of interest in the form of questions afterwards. Here you can find the source material for our talk - our slides are pretty light on text, so we also have a version with a more fleshed out version of our speaker notes.

I’ve been told by the Droidcon organizers that they’ll publish the video from the talk. I’ll post an update once that’s available.

In addition, the demo doesn’t have any audio or captioning so far, but hopefully we’ll update soon with a narrated or captioned video.

If you’d like to contact me or Chris, the contact information is on the last slide.

EDIT April 2014: I finally found the video of the talk, it requires a (free) sign-up, and is available on SkillsMatter.com