The last few months it’s been busy with three weddings (including my own) and a vacation. Every once in a while I’ve been tinkering with a game prototype with a smaller scope than Dungeon Fodder - and now I’ve finally reached a point where I can say that I’ll be pursuing this concept instead of Dungeon Fodder. I first had to make sure Unity’s (fairly lacking) networking APIs would be suitable for developing this.

The game is tentatively named “Arcane Deathmatch”, and it’s a third person / top down, fast paced, RPG-inspired multiplayer action game. The gameplay is similar to the Warcraft 3 custom map “Warlocks” (I think?): You control a wizard/warlock on a relatively small battlefield. You’re pitted against a few adversaries, all of you armed with whatever spells you’ve purchased. As you survive and kill off your opponents you’re awarded gold with which to purchase new spells between rounds.

Every time you’re hit by a spell, you lose some health and get knocked back. The less health you have, the easier you are to knock around. If you get knocked off the map, you’ll probably sustain damage wading through a lava pit, be nibbled on by piranhas as you swim to shore, or fall off the map.

So far, I’ve got rudimentary networking and gameplay working - two or more players can connect to eachother and fight it out (armed with Magic Missile!), and getting knocked off the map means falling to your death. It doesn’t look like much - but that’s never stopped me before! ;-)

Vital things that are missing are more spells, rewards, a way to buy said spells, more interesting maps / terrain / obstacles, and a scoreboard. (Probably in that order)

I hope you’ll follow my blog as I post status updates and my experiences developing this game :-)